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We are the only ones in Ukraine who offer a complete range of services for the construction of helipads.

SPARKUS LLC was founded in 2021 to create a conglomerate of Ukrainian companies within one corporate group to develop Ukraine’s aviation infrastructure.

We specialize in the production of modern and affordable aviation lighting and meteorological equipment, design and construction of helicopter pads, UAV landing sites, and general-purpose private airfields. We also install our own manufactured meteorological and lighting equipment, certified by the State Aviation Authority of Ukraine and meeting all international standards.

In addition, we take on warranty obligations for the functionality of the installed equipment and perform periodic maintenance work.

SPARKUS LLC is a partner of ATILOS LLC and ALTER PM LLC, which share common interests in achieving the overall corporate goal of designing, constructing, manufacturing equipment, state certification, and servicing modern aviation infrastructure objects in Ukraine.

Our group includes engineering and design, production and technical, construction, technological, and certification departments, as well as marketing and quality services. We have production areas for assembly, installation, electrical work, and adjustment, as well as our own testing laboratory.

We collaborate with leading researchers in the field of aviation and construction, including professors and candidates of science from the National Aviation University and the Ukrainian Scientific Research and Design Institute of Steel Structures named after Shimanovsky.

Since 2017, we have designed and obtained permits from the State Aviation Authority of Ukraine for the operation of nine helipads, four of which are equipped with certified lighting equipment for night flights.

how we work


Researching your landing site's operational feasibility based on its location and proximity to restricted areas.


Providing on-site engineering and geological exploration services.


Calculating the complete set of optimal equipment depending on your requirements.


Planning additional facilities for the storage, maintenance and refueling of aircraft.


Building and installing equipment.


Handling the process of commissioning and putting the object into operation.


Receiving permission for operation from the State Authorities.

our projects